Monday, April 22, 2013

A Student of Change

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While scrolling through Twitter updates, I saw a quote that said "Become a student of change".  Why?  For the most part, I don't really like change. Ok, so there are many different kinds of change and some of them are awesome, like the inventions of electricity, automobiles, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing.

Doesn't it seem a bit arbitrary to say that we should all drop everything to become students of change?  What change are they talking about?  Small changes, moderate changes, or big changes?  You've also got your lifestyle changes, emotional changes, pychological changes, dietary changes, and physical activity changes.  As well as societal changes, growth changes, changes of habit, and changes to habitat.  Or how about job changes, housing changes, familial status changes, income changes, and the least favorite: health changes.  

While I don't like the word "change" in general, I do appreciate and like some changes that happen regularly.  The daily application of deoderant would probably be at the top of my "like" list.  At the top of my "appreciate" list would be your daily application of deoderant.  I've been around people who I wished had made this change.  I'd be very happy if they became a student of this change.

Another good change I discovered was after I'd taken an airplane flight.  I arrived at my destination, but my luggage did not.  It took a full 2 days for my luggage to arrive.  I was never so thankful to be able to change clothes as I was that day.  Now that was a good kind of change.

I was pleasantly surprised by a recent change.  We were driving to an event and got lost due to our GPS navigating us to Arizona, and we only needed to go to the neighboring town.  My husband actually stopped and asked for directions .  Now that was a change I could live with.

I guess I'll concede that not all change is bad.  After all, if not for change, we'd all still be living in dark caves, grunting and dragging our knuckles, while trying to figure out how to start a fire.

by: Christie Bielss

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