Who is The Redhead Sez?
I am a writer, photographer, and chocoholic.  
I was born and raised (mostly) in Texas. 
I was born with red hair and an attitude.

When I was in my senior year of high school, my English teacher, Mrs. Betty Stapleton, encouraged me to write.  She told me she actually enjoyed reading the work I turned in.  She liked it?! What the what?! I was convinced she had either taught school for one too many years or had lost her mind. Even though she was one of the hardest instructors I ever had, she was also one of the most encouraging.

A year later, I was in college taking English Composition when my professor asked me to stay after class one day. I was petrified I had committed an error so horrible and egregious, the professor could only discuss it privately.  I expected to hear the words "remedial writer" and instead had a college professor expressing how much she enjoyed my writing and was encouraging me to follow that path.  I was shocked but I promised to consider it.  After thinking about changing majors for a number of days, visions of starving artists caused me to push aside all thoughts of making the change.

Quite a number of years later, after the invention of the internet, my husband's employer transferred us out of state.  In an effort to stay in touch with family, I would send lengthy email of all the entertaining things we were experiencing.  It was during those 12 years away from our families, when I discovered my high school English teacher just might have been right.  Some people did enjoy reading what I wrote, but they were family, so they really didn't count.

A couple of years ago, my parents had a family intervention of sorts.  They, along with one of my brothers and my husband, sat me down and asked me to start writing this blog.  While the incessant hounding was going on privately, several friends also began telling me I needed to start a blog.  After taking several days to think it over, I agreed.

Honestly, I figured I would write a few stories to pacify my family and friends, no one would read my ramblings, and I would be off the hook.  Little did I know as I was creating my exit plan from writing before I even began, my family was creating longer term goals..... and had already picked out a name for this blog. Hence, The Redhead Sez was born.

Something completely unexpected happened in beginning this blog.  Somewhere in the middle of appeasing my family and friends, I discovered I actually enjoy writing.  Being a redhead, I love to find humor in everything, and that is what this blog is about.  I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings and come back often.

The Redhead Sez has a Facebook page where I post daily ramblings.  You can also follow me on Twitter.

If you are interested in contacting me about writing for you, email me at cbielss377@gmail.com.

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