Sunday, February 9, 2014

10 Interesting Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is in a few days and I've been looking for something a little less traditional to give my husband this year.  As I've searched high and low for the perfect non-traditional gift, I thought I'd share with you some of the more interesting Valentine's Day gifts which truly say "I Love You".

1.  A back wax in the shape of a heart.  This is a viable option for all those wanting to get tattoos for their loved ones but are afraid of needles.  Also good for those who want eligible Sasquatches to know this Sasquatch is taken.

2. His and Her dental floss.  The family that flosses together doesn't have to share dentures together.  Also great for the bacon lover in your life.

3. The Inflatable Husband.  The ideal gift for those who like companionship but have husbands that get in the way of their shopping or for the woman who likes having her man watch chick-flicks with her without complaint.

4. The Inflatable Wife.  The perfect gift for the husband who likes to watch televised sports without female interruption.  This version also comes without the dreaded Honey-Do list.
5. A Bacon Scarf.  The quickest way to the love of your life's heart is by putting bacon around their neck???  Well, you'd certainly have a lot of people following your light-of-love ......... as well as all the neighborhood dogs.

6. Farting Mug.  A coffee cup that farts every time you pick it up.  The best way to wake your loved one up on Valentine's morning is with breakfast in bed and a cup of farts to go with that cup of joe.

7. Brief Jerky.  For the survivalist in the family.  Great for those long outdoor hikes or multi-day hunting expeditions.  It can feed you and clothe you at the same time.  And, for the ladies, they have the blinged out version.

8. Dynamic Life T-Shirts.  T-shirts that measure your proximity to your loved one and display it by the number of hearts that light up.  You'll be the talk of the town dressed as this dynamic duo!

9. His/Hers Control Your Spouse Talking Remote. Features 18 phrases and sounds at the touch of a button so you don't have to interrupt your reading or tv watching to respond.

10. A Pre-Planned Funeral.  Ummmm............ a great gift if you want to meet your maker.......... earlier than expected.  If you are thinking of giving this gift, you may want to consider a gift with a plug from the housewares department instead....... 

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