Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When Nature Calls

Maybe it is from my childhood years of being a tomboy, or maybe it's just a genetic trait, but I love being out amongst nature.  Whether it's looking at snow-capped mountain tops, ocean waves rolling in at high-tide, or a bird cleaning itself in a bird bath, I love it all.

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Tree branches sway in a gentle breeze like nature's ballet and calm my nerves faster than a day at the spa.  Tree leaves dance on soft drafts of air with movements so graceful they are mesmerizing.  The sun's ray shining through the leaves and branches of a tree are enchanting and cause me to search for a fairy dancing around in the glittery light.

The quiet pattering of rain drops on the roof and the low murmuring rolls of thunder are calming to my soul.  The stillness of a gentle rain is so peaceful you can almost feel it nurturing the trees, plants, and earth with its life giving force.  I love sitting outside on a porch swing watching the rain transform nature into deep beautiful colors right before my eyes.

I marvel at birds who are able to sing beautiful songs they compose themselves.  With a song in their heart, they sing with great abandon as the sun breaks the horizon in the morning.  I'm also envious of their ability to soar with wings spread wide on updrafts of wind with seemingly carefree abandon.

With boundless energy, squirrels chase each other around the yard.  Watching them is almost like being at the circus, without the creepy clowns.  Their feisty personalities allow them to run at breakneck speed and fling themselves from tree to tree with little fear of falling.  They seem to enjoy teasing each other with their crazy acrobatic moves.

But, when those squirrels start digging in my flowerbeds and flower pots, or try to chew a hole in the side of my house to get in the attic, my love of nature ends and my own redheaded nature comes out.  Chasing after them with a broom, or winging a bb close by their furry little bodies, will generally get them to reconsider their current activity.

When those two options fail, I send out our dog.  While last year we were surprised that our dog had no problem sharing our yard with squirrels, this year she apparently isn't feeling that same love.  Last fall, the squirrels taunted her mercilessly by dropping acorns on her head while she sunned herself in the grass and she seems to still be harboring a grudge against them.

This year she's decided they are just a bunch of bushy-tailed tree rats who are invaders of her territory.  Being a mixture of Border Collie, Italian Greyhound, and Jack Russell Terrier, she is a lightning fast runner.  Without reducing her speed, can cut corners with great skill and she can jump vertically up a tree a good distance, much to the dismay of the squirrels.

The first time she took off after one of the squirrels, it was like watching a cartoon.  The squirrel had a look on its face of "EEK! What the *#@*?!!!", while our dog had quite the Clint Eastwood determined look of "Go ahead, make my day.".  The squirrel, in complete shock and running for its life, had to make several laps around our yard in ever-widening circles before it was able to jump up a tree.  The squirrel quickly scampered high up into the tree while our dog plopped herself back down in the grass, happy in the knowledge that she'd made her territory secure......... and gotten even just a smidge.

There are so many different aspects of nature which can appeal to just about every personality.  Turn off the tv and the cell phone, and get up from the computer.  Go sit outside, take a walk, go to the park, or open a window.  Enjoy what's been put before you and allow it to restore and rejuvenate you.  And don't forget the bug spray because while there are many enjoyable and lovely parts of nature, fly and mosquito bites are not one of them.

Written by Christie Bielss


  1. Oh yeah squirrels can be sneaky! I chased one out of my apple tree a few days ago with a hose and the next day found a pool noodle in our yard torn to shreds with bite marks on it. Revenge of the squirrel!

    1. Oh man! You've got quite the vengeful squirrel. I might be tempted to squirt that little bushy tailed tree rat a bit harder with the garden hose next time I saw him.

  2. I like to watch squirrels when I can! I agree about going outside or just turning everything off.

    1. Squirrels can be so much fun to watch when they are goofing around in the yard. And I love the peace and quiet you get in nature when you are away from everything, unless I'm trying to sleep and there's a cricket chirping. That part of nature is annoying.