Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Has TV Gone To The Dogs?

It was 11pm on Saturday night and I couldn't sleep.  Having insomnia for most of my life, I've learned to deal with it by watching tv and trying to bore myself to sleep.  On this night, the programming was even lamer than usual and I was having a really hard time finding something worth being bored over.  As I surfed through the hundreds of cable channels, I came across one which stopped me in my tracks.  I was, and still am, positively dumbfounded.

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I understand the whole goal of creating a tv channel is to load the programming with so many hit shows, advertisers are climbing over each other to get a spot of air time, but really?  As consumers became more electronically motivated and tv networks made more and more money off of advertising revenue, tv programming expanded with new channels.

For years men have cringed when they've walked into their man-caves to discover their wives watching HGTV, TLC, and Food Network.  I have heard more than one man moan in agony "Ah geez honey!  You're lowering my testosterone watching this stuff!". 

As television programming evolved and new niches were discovered, the channel line-up grew.  Men who have complained so bitterly about having to watch couples house hunt or compete against other couples doing home renovations, are now watching shows geared towards their interests.  Everything from car repair, to hunting, to even popular chefs teaching men to become their own grill masters, have popped up on a number of new tv channels.

All of this I can understand.  I get it.  Different strokes for different folks. Men complained, networks listened.  But this newest channel has me really wondering if tv hasn't gone a bit too far over the edge into weirdness.  What is this channel I'm talking about?

DOGTV.  Yes, you read that right.  It's a channel geared directly toward your pooch.  I about howled when I read the programming description:  "Evening Relaxation. Scientifically designed content to keep your dog calm and relaxed.".  And the subscription to this channel costs $4.99/month.  So as society has yelled and screamed about reducing "screen time" for children, we are now gearing it toward the family pet?

So, since health professionals have made a giant push to get kids out from in front of the television and into fresh air, we are now supposed to put our dogs in front of the tv?  And if our nation's children have become increasingly heavier because of a sedentary lifestyle, does this mean our dogs are going to start getting pudgier around the middle too?

I am envisioning a person trying to walk a Dachsund that's had a bit too much tv.  The poor pooch is already genetically disposed with minimal belly clearance from the ground.  Sitting in front of a tv all day could be the difference between the dog going for a walk with its owner and the owner having to roll it around the neighborhood.

I don't watch much tv anymore because I haven't found any shows which interest me.  I rarely even watch the evening news.  I can now understand why.  Television programming has clearly gone to the dogs.

Written by Christie Bielss


  1. Can't remember the last time I laughed out loud like the way I laughed at this. Another ace post, Christie. You never fail to disappoint :D

  2. LOL...what about my birds? When are they gonna get their own channel? (insert sarcasm) We haven't had TV for a few years now and honestly don't miss it. We do still have an actual TV but it doesn't get any channels so we can only watch DVDs on it. I feel for you having to look for something decent to watch late at night. I do recall that no matter how many channels we had there was never anything on! :)

    1. I'm sure there will soon by a bird channel and a cat channel - but hopefully not next to one another or it could be a little like Sylvester and Tweety Bird.
      We received something like 220+ channels and there may be one thing on once a week that I find interesting. TV used to be so much fun with the Carol Burnett Show, Dick Van Dyke, Leave It To Beaver, etc.. Now it just seems like it's the same old thing on every channel. No imagination. Sad.

  3. Maybe I can leave that channel on to intimidate my cats into behaving...I mean, if it's "Dog" television, then that should work, right? LOL