Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dinner Party

beef tenderloin, silky terrier, terrier, dinner party

Today while waiting for my son to get out from choir rehearsal, I spent a few minutes talking with a friend. She was telling me how her husband had invited clients  to their home for dinner and it was the first time she had to do a "formal" dinner. It took me back to the first dinner party I'd had to do for my husband.

We lived in Little Rock, AR (technically Maumelle, AR) and my husband decided he wanted me to cook beef tenderloin. Knowing this was an expensive piece of meat and we were on a shoe-string budget, I got in the car and drove to the local Walmart located in Toad Suck, AR (yes, that is the name of the city) and got all the fixings for dinner.  I drove home and made the most beautiful, juicy beef tenderloin you'd ever seen with sides of homemade garlic mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  A melt in your mouth dessert was also ready and waiting to finish off the perfect meal. 

My husband called to say they were running late, so I stuck the tenderloin in the oven to keep it warm until they called to say they were on their way.  Just before they pulled up to our home, I took that beautiful piece of meat out of the oven and laid it ever so gently on a cutting board.  I set my Lenox China serving platter next to it and proceeded to ever so carefully slice the meat and artistically display it on the tray. On the 3rd piece, and with the dog at my feet whining and drooling, a slice of steaming hot tenderloin slid off the fork I was using and before I could catch it, it landed smack dab on top of the dog!  The dog started yelping and took off running - with an EXPENSIVE cut of meat still stuck to her back. 

Hearing Mike's voice getting close to the door, I took off at a full run after the dog.  We needed that piece of meat or somebody wasn't eating!  Halfway across the kitchen I was able to catch her back leg which caused the meat to fall off her back.  I retrieved the juicy slice, which now had my dog's long hairs attached, before she tried to eat it .......and before they walked in. I ran to the kitchen sink and quickly picked and brushed all the dog hair off that slice of meat and served it for dinner. 

Everyone raved about how the meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.  I thanked them and told them I had used a new seasoning.  Tears were brimming in my eyes as I tried to stifle my laughter. And the dog? She was fine - and her coat look quite lustrous and had just a hint of the perfume:  Eau de Beef Tenderloin.


  1. The part about feeding the piece rescued from the floor to your husband is priceless. I'd do the same thing! ;-)