Monday, March 18, 2013


Taking a walk down Memory Lane, although these days it seems to be a shorter stroll......
It was New Year's Day and we'd just moved in to our Arkansas home the day before and had gotten blasted by a foot of snow. We had a little Silky Terrier, Lauren, who was much shorter than the depth of the snow, so in order for her to attend to her needs, we had to take her for a walk out onto our quiet snow-plowed street.

As we were returning from our walk and were remarking on the quiet stillness of the winter snow, we were suddenly, and without warning, pelted with snowballs. We aren't talking 1 or 2 throws here, we are talking about an all out ambush by the neighbors!! 2 families, who, from the number of snowballs in their arsenal, and the size of the snow fort walls they'd built, must've spent HOURS devising and implementing a plan of attack!

What they didn't know was that I'd spent 4 years in Buffalo, NY and could make snowballs faster than they could blink!  In my family I was the snowball maker while my brothers were the snowball throwers.  My parents, who were in town helping with the unpacking of boxes, heard all of the commotion and faster than Superman, my Dad came out to help us battle the villainous neighbors! Being from West by God Virginia, he was an expert not only at making snowballs, but with throwing them with great precision.

In the end, we won on more than one front that day. We beat those rascally neighbors at their own ambush but, more importantly, we established a friendship that has lasted over 13 years and withstood many moves on all of our families.

by: Christie Bielss

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