Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Computer Craziness

Have you ever had one of those moments where something in your life all of the sudden reminds you of a creepy horror movie?  I just had one of those moments, and let me say - it was creepy.

Music, computer

I was on the phone taking a business call (I'm a WAHM) when all of the sudden I started hearing music.  Somewhat startled, it took a moment before I realized the music was coming from the direction of my computer.  I had just reached for a pen to jot down some notes and figured I had inadvertently tapped something on the computer causing the music to start playing.  I hit the "mute" key on the computer thinking that would solve the problem until I got off the phone and could figure it out.

Much to my surprise, even after I had pressed the mute key, the music continued.  Obviously this sound was not coming from the computer like I thought.  I then remembered that my son's alarm clock, which has a second alarm setting, sometimes goes off due to my son accidentally hitting a wrong button.  I walked into his room (while I put my call on hold) but there was no music. 

Perplexed, I walked out the front door of our home thinking (and hoping) a neighbor's music was cranked up.  I stepped outside and listened...... no music there.  I walked to my family room to see if I'd left the tv on.  It was also off.  Several horror movie scenes were starting to play out in my mind, causing a rather unsettling feeling to grow inside of me.

I walked back to my computer and heard the faintest sound of music again.  I turned off the speakers to my computer...... and still the music kept playing.  Ok, now this was not funny and was getting downright spooky!

My overactive imagination kicked into gear and I immediately remembered the scene from the movie "Poltergeist" where the little girl sees the tv doing its own thing and says "They're here".  Oh, like heck this is happening in my house!  I have crosses and crucifixes in my house and I will use them if I have to, I thought.

I kept trying to push those unsettling thoughts back down, to no avail.  I knew my computer had been acting weird for months on end, but my redheaded common sense kept telling me it did not just become possessed.  Determined to figure out what was causing this, I pulled out my computer's tower and unplugged the speakers completely from the computer........... and the music played on.

Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - I need you NOW!  At this point I realized I could be wrong and I could have something here which would necessitate calling in a minister to perform some kind of exorcism on my electronic device.  In a last ditch effort to find the source of the music, I started picking through all of the paperwork laying around my desk (a monumental task, to be sure) in hopes of finding a portable radio or something which could be causing this.

I discovered my son's "lost" Nook which has been missing for at least a month.  But the music wasn't coming from the Nook because it's just the low-end version and doesn't have sound. 

I dug through several other piles and found nothing.  Just as I was getting ready to load my car up with our valuables and run for safety, I put my ear down and tried to use that little bit of Native American that is in my ancestral lineage to see if I could track down the location of the sound.  Channeling my inner Pocahontas, I listened with great intensity.

I first listened close to my monitor and speakers, but the music grew fainter.  Like the best Native American tracker, I moved my head around in an effort to pinpoint the area where the music was the loudest.  With great precision, I discovered the sound was coming from my keyboard. 

Now how is that even possible???  There are not any speakers on my keyboard.  I lifted the keyboard up and lo and behold, I found the source: my daughter's iPod.

How exactly my daughter's iPod managed to get put under the computer keyboard should prove to be an interesting conversation after she gets home from school.  For now, I'm just glad my computer has not been possessed by some poltergeist that likes torturing adults by playing #Carly Rae Jepsen, #Victoria Justice, and #One Direction all day long, over and over again.

by: Christie Bielss

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