Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Appliance Seduction

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As I walk through Lowe's and Home Depot, the beautiful sheen of the brushed stainless steel appliance winks at me and seduces me with its clean lines.  Every time I see it, I lovingly stroke the cool, smooth finish.  I open the doors and look inside at state of the art interiors so pristine and crisp, it brings a tear to my eye.  Oh the beauty, elegance, and efficiency of the Kitchen Aid double oven!

Even as a young girl while playing with my Easy Bake Oven, I lamented not being able to cook 2 items at once.  How on earth could Ken and Barbie have a proper royal dinner if all of the food didn't finish cooking at precisely the same time?  Why! It would be sheer tyranny to have the Barbie knock-off maids serving  one course of the meal while having to explain that the bread still had 15 minutes left to bake.  That would be such an afront to the royal crown it could cause dissent within the royal ranks and create a tabloid frenzy!

Growing up, my parents' house had double ovens. Every day since moving out years ago, I've felt their absence in my life. My friends speak of how they love having double ovens which allow them to get their dinner on the table all at one time while it's still hot. The great green toad of jealousy rears its ugly head and croaks every night when the main dish to my dinner must sit and cool its juices while the side dishes complete their cooking processes.

Oh, to have a double oven now would be the cat's meow. It's sleek lines and svelte, satiny texture would positively glisten in my kitchen. The cooking and baking possibilities would be endless. Why, I could have a chocolate pie in one oven and triple chocolate fudge brownies in the other! Or, I could bake chocolate chip cookies in the upper oven while a chocolate souffle' bakes to a rich and fluffy texture in the lower. Ooooooo, the endless possibilities cause my imagination to run wild!

One day the heavenly choir will rejoice when I no longer have to visit the double oven at the store and am able to give it a forever home.  Until then, the store's salesperson will have to continue wiping the oven window which becomes fogged from my heavy breathing, and the fingerprints from my gentle caresses across its stainless steel finish, as I make my weekly visits to the appliance section.  One day, the double oven and all of the delectable baked chocolate desserts ever created will be in harmony in my kitchen, and on that day, the earth shall rejoice. 

by: Christie Bielss

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